Hi Yall!

I'm Grace Weller. I am an astrologer and coach. I help people, specifically mommas, improve their relationships and parent with ease through astrology. 

Soul Circle Membership

A monthly membership for individuals looking to engage in a vibrant supportive community based on the lunar cycles. We let go of what no longer serves us at the full moon and manifest our desires at the new moon. 

Free guide on how to interpret your child's birth chart

Free guide on how to use your child's birth chart to parent more consciously and improve your relationships with others. 
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Natal Chart Reading

Discovering your unique birth chart full of important information about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and even soul purpose.
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Astrology + Parenting Basics

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Private Coaching

Designed for moms, especially working moms, who want a highly personalized approach to conscious parenting through astrology. 
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Free Lunar Manifestation Guide

Learn how to manifest your desires using the lunar cycles in this free guide! 
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